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At bieterportal.ch, we offer innovative additional services for valuations, mortgages and insurance, as well as online property valuations. Find out more about our services here.


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Online valuation

Want to find out how much your home could sell for? bieterportal.ch is here to help with its property valuation service. The valuation model was specially designed for bieterportal.ch by the team at Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung. Use our valuation tool now to get a free estimate of how much your property is worth.
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Are you interested in a property on bieterportal.ch? Together with our partner hypoteq, we offer a mortgage comparison service that includes over 100 potential lenders. This allows you to find the best financing option for your property, free of charge and without any effort. Experts handle the negotiations and the entire process with the chosen bank, insurance company, investment foundation or pension fund. Send your enquiry now (it only takes one minute) and let the professionals find the best offer for you.
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You have found the property you are looking for on bieterportal.ch and would like to compare different insurance solutions and the costs before you buy? No problem: Enter your contact details and, if necessary, select other properties for which you would like to send a request for an insurance comparison. The experts of our insurance partner will contact you on the same working day.
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